Quilting for Fall


Size: 40 x 40 inch
May 2010
machinepieced, handembroidered and machinequilted

Even though the cats are lingering between embroidered summerflowers, the quilt looks very autumnally because of its colors.

Most fun I had embroidering the blocks with several kinds of flowers. It's worthwhile to click on the thumbnails and take a look at the cat blocks. The embroidery can be replaced with fabrics with flowerprints.

Pattern available in my patternhop.

Click on the flowers to see them enlarged.


on the wall

in the basket



on the rooftop

in the window





Size: 16 x 16 inch

A small quilt with threedimensional flowers in the center-wreath.

Pattern available in my patternhop.

Knight's Castle and Barnyard

Size: 31 x 31 inch
July 2003
machinepieced and machinequilted

Colored maple and oak leaves shall remember the days in fall.

I took a photo of this half-timbered-house in the open-air-museum Kommern:

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Size: 46 x 57 inch

This quilt I created for the contest "Yellow – Van Goghs favorite color". I took four van Gogh-paintings as pattern: 
„Autumn Landscape at Dusk“ (fall 1885),
„Avenue of Poplars in Autumn“ (october 1884),
„Trunk of an old Yew Tree“ (october 1888) und
„Two cut Sunflowers“ (late summer 1887).

I won the second place :o)


One of my favorite classic blocks is the honeybee block, you see it between the apples.

The apples are handappliqued with a pattern from "Four Corners".


Size: 18 1/2 x 25 inch

Unfortunately I didn't drafted this quilt myself.


Size: 29 x 34 inch

In spite of the tulipblocks I consider this quilt very autumnally because of it's colours.

Rosehip Pillow

Size: 10 x 12 inch

This pillow is filled with cherrystones and can easily be heated in the microwave.

The pattern for the rosehip can be downloaded here:

Apple Pillow

Size: 8 x 8 inch

This little pillow is filled with herbs.

It's always good as a present.