Something about me

My name is Claudia Hasenbach and I was born in Köln (Cologne) November 7th, 1963. I'm still living there in the quarter Neu-Ehrenfeld and it looks like I never will leave this town (it's a peculiarity of many people who are born in Köln ;o))

Past my Abitur (school leaving examination) I did a job-training and my profession is called biological-technical-Assistant. I work in this job since 1987 in the Phytodiagnostical Service of the Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen. There I have to examine plants on bacterial or virological diseases.

I was very encouraged about this article published by LZ Rheinland in December 2013. Maybe you can read a little bit German and like to take a look at it:

my first quilt, 1991

I tried many different handcrafts like knitting, cross-stitching and silk-painting.

1991 I discovered patchwork and quilting, and I'm thrilled about it until today.

My first quilts arose from classical pattern and were handquilted; in the meantime I design my own pattern (most of them are foundation paper pieced) and I love to quilt with machine.

I'm married since 1994 and we have two sons, Fabian born on June 9th, 1994 and Julian born on February 2nd, 2000.

Fabian and Julian

that's the view from my balcony

walk along the Rhein-bank in Köln, February 2003