A joint project of:

Regina Grewe -

Ula Lenz -

Claudia Hasenbach

Our Coffeequilt project is finished now!

The time has come - after releasing the last patterns in March, the first finished quilts are already to see.

Do you miss a pattern? Until the end of May you can e-mail the photo of a sewn block from this series and receive the missing pattern for free.
For this is a joint project of german designers there will be no english translation of the patterns like usual.

We give all 23 patterns complete for a donation of at least USD 12,-- for a good cause.
Please send me a donation receipt (only for charitable purposes) by e-mail at the latest one week old.

Ula Lenz

Regina Grewe

And here are the first quilts of our guests:

Agnès Wagner-Nosbusch
Soleuvre, Luxembourg
Agre Quilters








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