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Ula Lenz -

Claudia Hasenbach


Start: September 1st, 2018

Block des of the Month February 2019

Coffee Pot


My second Coffee Pot is slimmer and straighter than the first one.


For this is a joint project of german designers there will be no english translation of the patterns like usual.
But if you download my actual block of the month pattern for comparison you will have no problems to follow the german patterns.

Download more Koffeequilt patterns at Regina and Ula

Coffeequilt - these are 23 free patterns for paperpiecing in different sizes around the topic coffee.

For seven month you can download a coffeequilt pattern on every paperpiecing-designers website.
The patterns will be uploaded in the first week of the month and stay there for free until the next pattern follows.

Our coffee patterns fit in the following scheme. The quilt will be approximately 38 x 36 inch. But you can let your imagination run free and design any quilt you want.

Here you can download the general guidance to assemble the top like seen above. Sorry, only in German, but the pictures are self-explanatory.


Please remove the paper from the finished blocks and cut them to the desired size. Regina's patterns are in cm and slightly bigger than Ula's and mine which are in inch.

Did you miss a pattern? Please email the picture of a sewn block from this series and you receive the missing pattern for free.

When our coffeequilt block of the month series is over, the complete patterns will go against a donation for a good cause.

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