Big Quilt of Nature

My big quilt of nature consists of 80 blocks around the theme "nature". Therefore I designed eight collections with nine or twelve blocks each. The motivs of the collections are: wildflowers, birds, leaves, trees, butterflies, skies, animals and one add on with bugs and more. Some of them were block of the month through the years 2009 - 2013.


You can order all block collections in my patternshop.


All blocks are 6 x 6 inch size. Some of them are embroidered. These patterns are for advanced paperpiecing skills. They contain many very small pieces and therefore you have to manage a lot of thick seam allowances.

For testing the patterns the California Sea Lion from the set "animals" stays free for download, as well as the general guidance including the ivy border for the quilt.

Download pdf-file
General Guidance

If you are new to paperpiecing, it's possible to enlarge the pattern to 200 % (12 inch size). Many printers have the opportunity to scale up pages or print at 100 % and use a photocopier for enlargement. Add new seam allowances.

Please click on the small pictures to enlarge them and find all the blocks made by my homepage visitors. Finished quilts can be seen in my guestgallery.

I will be happy, if you send me photos of your blocks!

Trees ~ Cypresses Butterflies ~ Orange Tip Birds ~ Cormorant Wildflowers ~ Bearbind Leaves ~ Paperbark Maple Leaf Butterflies ~ Purple Hairstreak Trees ~ Birch Animals ~ Brown Bear
Wildflowers ~ Thistle Animals ~ Wild Boar Skies ~ Thunderstorm Butterflies ~ Clouded Yellow Trees ~ Black Locust Birds ~ Blue Tit Wildflowers ~ Meadow Clary Leaves ~ Chestnut Leaf
Animals ~ Deer Trees ~ Wild Apple Birds ~ Mallard Duck Leaves ~ Ginkgoleaf Butterflies ~ Small Tortoiseshell Skies ~ Sunny Day Animals ~ Squirrel Skies ~ Sunrise
Wildflowers - Meadow Buttercup Birds ~ Green Woodpecker Butterflies ~ Cabbage White Trees ~ Weeping Willow Add on ~ Dragonfly Wildflowers ~ Flat Pea Leaves ~ Oak Leaf Butterflies ~ Common Blue
Birds ~ Bank Swallow Skies ~ Full Moon Leaves ~ Plane Leaf Wildflowers ~ Bellflower Butterflies ~ Peacock Butterfly Birds ~ Bald Eagle Trees ~ Chestnut Add on ~ Ladybug
Trees ~ Mountain Pine Animals ~ Buffalo Butterflies ~ Red Admiral Add on ~ Roman Snail Skies ~ Rainy Day Leaves ~ Lime Tree Leaf Add on ~ Velvet Spider Skies ~ Sunset
Leaves ~ Fig Leaf Wildflowers ~ Red Clover Birds ~ White Stork Trees ~ Rowan Berry Animals ~ Racoon Skies ~ Rainbow Butterflies ~Swallowtail Animals ~ Weasel
Add on ~ Tree-Frog Butterflies ~ Brimstone Butterfly Trees ~ Field Maple Wildflowers ~ Flax Add on ~ Colubrid Leaves ~ Walnut Leaf Wildflowers ~ Corn Poppy Trees ~ Fig Tree
Skies ~ Snow Animals ~ Redfox Butterflies ~ Scarce Swallowtail Birds ~ Mute Swan Trees ~ Alder Wildflowers ~ Cranesbill Animals ~ Beaver Birds ~ Kingfisher
Add on ~ Carp Trees ~ Oak Wildflowers ~ Heartsease Butterflies ~ Burnet Moths Leaves ~ Tulip Tree Leaf Animals ~ California Sea Lion Skies ~ Moon and Stars Wildflowers ~ Iris


Add on ~ Grasshopper Birds ~ Golden Eagle Add on ~ Green Lizard

You can order the series "Wildflowers", "Skies", "Trees", "Leaves", "Butterflies", "Animals", "Add on" and "Birds" in my patternshop.